Monday, October 20, 2014
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Where is RV Boot Camp 2

RV BOOT CAMP is held in your RV,

Our Goal for you is ZERO DAMAGE!

The cost for RV BOOT CAMP is $450.

for a full day of training.

Because our Trainers travel to you,There can be a Travel Fee*
*Travel Fee is negotiated by your Trainer to cover direct travel expenses

Driving an RV is Easy...Let Us show you how!

Gayle Anderson of KTLA News

gail news reporter gary

Gayle Anderson of KTLA News welcomes Gary Lewis of RV Basic Training to the CALIFORNIA RV SHOW Pomona Event!

CALIFORNIA RV SHOW features over 1,200 class A, B and C RV models, travel trailers, 5th wheels, toyhaulers, campers and tents as well as the latest in RV products and accessories by 65 recreational vehicle manufacturers and 21 Southern California dealers. Learn everything you need to know about recreational vehicles (RVs), including maintenance and travel tips at the RV seminars!

This year’s RV show is pet-friendly. Ameri-GO RV Club has provided a complimentary shaded turf area with fresh water for your pet! They are also offering a drawinig for a FREE iPad. Everyone who enters will receive a FREE year’s membership to Ameri-GO RV Club.






Gary and Danny working the California RV Show 2014


gary danny working cal show 2014


Drop by and see Gary and Danny working at the 62nd Annual California RV Show in Pomona.






62nd Annual California RV Show

Training Events

62nd Annual California RV Show  October 10-19, 2014 Fairplex, Pomona

 RV Basic Training 



A Two-Hour, Mini RV Driving Boot Camp


Most RV damage can be avoided if the driver takes the time to do a Safety Check. Do you always do an Engine Check, Light Check and Safety Check?


One in Five RV accidents is the result of improper Mirror Adjustment or failure by the driver to use the mirrors. Do you know how to use your mirrors?


There are four basic driving skills every CDL driver in North American MUST know in order to obtain a commercial license. Do you know what they are?

RV Basic Training is proud to present a hands-on, MINI Behind-the-Wheel driving seminar at  the 62nd Annual California RV Show.

Register here at our website, or at the Mike Thompson’s booth at the show.

The cost is only $85 and will be deducted from the cost of the full course if you take our RV Boot Camp course before the end of 2014. You will also receive a pre-trip check list and a mini driving booklet.

Classes will be held on Friday, Oct 10th, Saturday, Oct 11th, and Sunday Oct 12th. Friday Oct17th, Saturday, Oct 18th and Sunday, Oct 19th.


Classes available for Motor Homes and Trailers!


Liz Parallel Parking after Mini Boot Camp

Training Events

Liz had never driven an RV before and at the end of her two hour Mini Boot Camp at the California RV Show 2014, she parallel parked the motorhome!


Backing Up a Motorhome

Right Turn without Hitting the Curb

Contact Information

Contact: Gary Lewis  
Director of Sales and Marketing

Toll Free:1-866-976-7878
Fax: 951-766-9005

Motor Home Driving Course Manual

rv motor home driving manual jhorizontal solution PPeCheck

RV Headsets for Safety

New Headsets - High Tech and Modern - Now in Stock!headsets

Buy Now! Click Here

Vehicle Pre-Trip Check List 2013

Free Download of

RV Basic Training Pre-Trip Check List

(PDF File Format is normally a 'Right Click' Save Link depending on your browser)


Shield Driving School

RV Boot Camp

Now available in Seattle & Issaquah



shield driving school of Seattle Washington and Issaquah

Call: 206-366-9111

 Gene McNaughton has been the owner of Shield Driving School since 2007.
Click Here for More Information about Gene and Shield Driving School


Mobile RV Academy

mobile rv academy

Workamper News

Freedom - See the USA as a Workamper

Workampers are adventurous individuals, couples and families who have chosen a wonderful lifestyle that combines ANY kind of part-time or full-time work with RV camping.