Where is RV Boot Camp 2

The cost for RV BOOT CAMP is $450.00 
for a full day of training.

Because our Trainers travel to you,There can be a Travel Fee*
*Travel Fee is negotiated by your Trainer to cover direct travel expenses

Driving an RV is Easy...Let Us show you how!

Learn what every Commercial Driver MUST know,
And every RV Driver SHOULD know!

If you’ve recently purchased an RV and find driving a STRESSFUL experience,
RV BOOT CAMP is the Learning Experience for you!

What Will You Learn?

You will receive one-on-one instruction in your RV, with a Professional Driver / Trainer.  Your experience begins with classroom instruction and progresses thru to driving in the Country, City and on the freeway. We show you the “tricks” Professional Drivers use to keep safe.

RV BOOT CAMP Curriculum includes:

  1. Understanding the RV Difference
  2. The Pre-Trip Inspection
  3.  Adjusting the Mirrors
  4. Four Basic Driving Skills
  5. Using Reference Points
  6. Understanding Rear Swing Out
  7. What is Off Track
  8. Stopping / Following Distance
  9. Three Driving Challenges
  10. Defensive Driving Techniques

When you complete RV BOOT CAMP, you receive a FREE copy of the RV Basic Training Motor Home Driving Tips Manual and a Certificate of Completion, Level One Boot Camp.


  • RV BOOT CAMP is held in your RV, WE COME TO YOU!
  • What Does It Cost?

Prices start as low as $450.00 for a full day RV BOOT CAMP training session.

RV Boot Camp at RV Basic Training
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Vehicle Pre-Trip Check List 2020

NEW 2020 Pre-Trip
RV Basic Training Pre-Trip Check List
Download - PDF File

free download pre trip check list

Driver Training for Everyone!

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Various Types of Boot Camp for Everyone!

  • Individual One on One Driver Training
  • Corporate Driver Training - Safety Training
  • Mobile Medical Driver Training
  • Fifth Wheel Driver Training
  • Trailer Towing Training
  • Housecar License Training 40+ Feet
  • Group Driver Training and Special Events
  • Non-Commercial Class A & Class B Recreation Vehicle License

If you don't see the type of driver training you need in the list above please call us;

RV Driving Course Manual

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$30.00 USD

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Trailer Towing Training Manual

trailer towing manual
$30.00 USD

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Air Brake Test Explained 2018

 This download is a PDF File
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We are looking for Trainers

If you have a passion for RVing, have a CDL in good standing with a valid
instructors permit and would like to be part of our growing team.
Contact Gary today.

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