At our Keep Safe Driving Seminars, we begin by determining what our audience knows about the operation of large vehicles. See if you need to learn more about driving your RV, test your RV knowledge.

  1. How wide is an Interstate freeway lane?
  2.  In your State, what is the maximum width an RV can be?
  3.  In your State, what is the maximum legal height a vehicle can be?
  4. If your motor home is over 40 feet, what do you require?
  5. What is the weight of your RV?
  6. What is the height of your RV?
  7. What is Off-Track?
  8. In your State, what is the maximum combined length of your truck and RV?
  9. Can you tow more than one vehicle in your State?
  10. When towing, what is the legal speed limit in your State?
  11. What is a Gator
  12. What is an easy way to keep your RV centered in the lane?
  13. Why is it important to adjust your mirrors?
  14. What is the easiest way to get more miles per gallon?
  15. If you double your speed, your stopping distance increases by...
  16. If you double your weight, your stopping distance increases by...
  17. If you double weight and speed, stopping distance increases by...
  18. Name the primary braking system when descending a steep hill?
  19. If you're in high wind conditions, what should you do?
  20. If there are 3 lanes, in which lane should an RV travel?
  21. When stopping in urban traffic, how must space should you leave between your vehicle and the one in front of you?
  22. On the freeway, how far ahead should you scan the road?
  23. When driving on the freeway, how many seconds should there be between your vehicle and the vehicle ahead of you?
  24. At 55 MPH, how many feet will you travell in 1/2 a secound?
  25. If your vehicle has air brakes, why is this figure important? Explain the COLA check?

If you didn't know many of the answers, your not alone. At our Keep Safe -RV DRIVER seminars very few non-commercial drivers know the answer's.

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