Tip of the Month

11th Annual Mobile Health Forum

Gary Lewis at the Moblile Health Care Clinic Forum 2015 in St.Louis, MO.,
displaying the 360 Omnivue System !

gary st louis 360 omnivue

mha forum st louis 2015


RV Tip of the Month September 2015


safe maneuveringAll motor homes and mobile clinics have many things in common; they share a long wheelbase, they usually have 12’ to 15’ behind the back wheels, they are 8’ 6” wide and usually at least 12’ 6” tall. What all this means is that when a large vehicle driver is maneuvering, they must always be aware of their vehicles’ Footprint, making sure the vehicle is clear of any object alongside, in front or behind their vehicle. Up until now, to see around a large vehicle has not been easy.

At last there is a product for large vehicles that will show the “Footprint” of the vehicle to the driver asomnivue 360 he or she is maneuvering. This is accomplished with four hi-def cameras located in the front, the back and along each side of the vehicle.

From the dash board monitor the driver can see each side of the vehicle, in front of the vehicle and behind the vehicle; all in REAL TIME! The product is called the 360 degree OmniVue Surround View Monitoring System.

Just think of what this means for the safety of your motor home or Mobile Clinic, NO MORE DAMAGE! As the goal for our trainees is ZERO DAMAGE, this is the most exciting product we have ever seen and are proud to announce that it can now be purchased through RV Basic Training LLC. Call or email us today for more information.


omnivue 360 2

Tip of the Month August 2015

Got Wood?

aug rv tip month 2015 2Whether you’re trying to get your RV level when the ground is not, or you’re in a parking lot with a mobile clinic and there is a slope, your levelers are not always going to co-operate, they will need help! Help is easy, inexpensive and can save you much frustration; it is nothing more than some 2” X 12” boards, cut to about 18” long.

The problem is that your leveling system has limits as to how far each leveler will extend. If the ground you are parked on is NOT even or has a slope, your leveling system will not be able to complete its’ task. This is where the wood comes in. All you need to do is take your pieces of wood and place them under where the leveling pads will come down and VOILA, all is done.

Another area where you always want to use wood under your leveling pads is when you are camping on either grass or what you might think is hard-packed soil. NEVER put your levelers down without some wood on the ground as invariably the little critters that live underground probably have a tunnel right under where your leveling pad is going come down. When this happens, your leveler breaks through the surface and goes into the gopher hole and will probably destroy your leveler, which will then need replacing. Been there, done that and always care at least eight, 18” - 2” x 12” boards. You’re going thank me!

RV Tip of the Month July 2015

Summer time and the roads they’re a Paving . . .

tip of month july

We’ve all been there when the two lane freeway goes into construction mode.

No shoulder, a precipitous drop-off on one side, barrels or K-rail on the other. What do you do?
The easy way is to use Reference points to keep you centered in your lane and out of Harm’s Way. As you can see in the picture above, there is a dark line in the middle of the lane and it’s called the Oil Patch.

If you will let your Brain tell you when it feels like your foot on the accelerator pedal is over the middle of the Oil Patch, you will find that you are centered in your lane! This is called the Bus Driver’s Trick and it works on any vehicle. Look ahead, concentrate on the Oil Patch and keep centered, it’s that easy. Also, it’s always a good idea to slow down in Construction Zones.

Driver Training for Everyone!

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Various Types of Boot Camp for Everyone!

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  • Housecar License Training 40+ Feet
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If you don't see the type of driver training you need in the list above please call us;

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Air Brake Test Explained 2018

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RV Headsets for Safety

New Headsets - Modern High Tech
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