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Kern Public Health Training Video

When we train new drivers, the first thing we teach you are the four basic driving skills. In this video we have a new driver doing the #2 drive skill, Off-set backing.

This is a skill that tests a drivers ability to use his/her mirrors and understand where their Pivot Point is when backing. Joe did a GREAT job!

We Love Rallies!

Ramblin' Pushers 2018 Maintenance Session

holiday rambler pushers 2018 rv trainingTo Jim and Jane Grossman, a big “Thank You” for inviting us to the 2018 Ramblin’ Pushers Maintenance Rally in Goshen Indiana. You both did an awesome job and made the event a great success!

For all of you who attended our “What Every RV Driver Should Know” presentation and for those of you who signed up for Behind the Driver training, “Thank you.”

And for everyone who requested our “Air Brakes Explained” information we want you to know that this is now available on our website as a free download.

Driving a large vehicle is NOT difficult, it’s just different and once you understand the basics, it’s a lot of fun. Look at all the happy faces that got behind the wheel! If your organization would like RV Basic Training to present and train at your upcoming event, please contact Gary

ramblin pushers 2018 students

Ramblin Pushers Event May 2018

May 4 - 9th 2018

Elkhart County 4-H Fairgrounds in Goshen, Indiana.

To schedule your training:

Contact Gary Lewis, 951-852-4785
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Space is Limited so Register ASAP

$95 per person

This two hour course will show a new RV driver how to:2016 02 04 11 41 58
1. Do a Pre-Trip and Set the Mirrors
2. Back a straight line
3. Identify the Pivot Point
4. Do a tight turn around an object
5. Back into an RV parking space

$295 per person

This 4 hour course is for the driver who can perform the four basic driving skills.
This class is held in your RV and you will go on the road. The goal is to fine tune your motor
home driving skills. Subjects covered include:

gary left2

  • Review of the Pre-trip Inspection
  • Review of Mirror use & settings
  • Review of Driver/Spotter Communications
  • Using Reference Points
  • Understanding Off Track & Tail Sw
  • Lane Use and Lane Positioning
  • Stopping and Following Distance
  • The Three Driving Challenges
  • Defensive Driving Techniques


Both courses include a Certificate of Completion

Driver Training for Everyone!

rvboot camp price

Various Types of Boot Camp for Everyone!

  • Individual One on One Driver Training
  • Corporate Driver Training - Safety Training
  • Mobile Medical Driver Training
  • Fifth Wheel Driver Training
  • Trailer Towing Training
  • Housecar License Training 40+ Feet
  • Group Driver Training and Special Events

If you don't see the type of driver training you need in the list above please call us;

Vehicle Pre-Trip Check List 2017

RV Basic Training Pre-Trip Check List
Download - PDF File

free download pre trip check list

Air Brake Test Explained 2018

 This download is a PDF File
Click Below

air brake test download

RV Driving Course Manual

rv motor home driving manual j

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RV Headsets for Safety

New Headsets - Modern High Tech
New Stock -  New Model Available!

SPH10 Section4

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You receive a pair of RV Headsets for $359.90 One for the Driver and one for the Spotter!
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We are looking for Trainers

If you have a passion for RVing, have a CDL in good standing with a valid
instructors permit and would like to be part of our growing team.
Contact Gary today.

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